A Travel to Hawaii: APJAE 2008 Symposium

早上7点半急急忙忙穿好衣服跑到Tapa Tower的Honolulu Suite 3 去吃早饭,结果惊奇的发现,早饭居然就在会场里,呵呵,很简单的自助餐,有水果,面包,沙拉等等,不过很开心哦,居然第一次在圣诞节的时候吃到草莓和西瓜了,呵呵。结果因为忘记了护照和登机材料跑了回去,不过还是很乐意的,为了1500美金跑一趟应该算是很值得吧?... Read More

Two Months in Beijing: The End

下午听完李青原的报告回来,晚上面对着电脑的英文论文,尽管尽管知道有很多东西需要修正,但是却迟迟没有那种激昂的感觉。突然发现,我的日志中的在北京还没有结尾,而事实上,我在北京的生活已经结束了一月有余。甚至连才打的中澳会计国际研讨会都结束了一个月,而总结,却还是没谱。... Read More

Two Months in Beijing: Starting

终于在中秋节的那天到了北京,这个我梦寐已久的地方。中国的经济文化中心。坐在387路上,给我的感觉很好,或许是奥运的缘故,北京非常的漂亮,可以说是我到过的最漂亮的地方。(我一向觉得苏州最漂亮),呵呵... Read More


It is now the midnight, most of my classmate are falling asleep, but I am still awaken. A new depression brings to me, and I don’t know how many times this has occured since the start with this project. I failed the regression again, I really don’t know why I cannot find the fitable varible for that, my luck ? My knowledge, I suggest both.... Read More

New Hope, New Semester

As an old saying in China goes that the time spreads, just like the flowing water, steadily and contineously. A month with leisure and relaxation has now approached its ending, what I am pacing into, waiting for, is just the new term, with the starting of literature reviewing, data processing and class taking.... Read More

My New Year’s Gift

My New Year’s Gift is eventually arrived, how great thing it is ! I am really fond of the Swiss Military Knife, it is really a great thing, with the heavy feeling in hand which indicating the excellent quality of steel they use, I get the feeling that it expresses through the hundred-year-history well-known brand. Just as my brothers words, evey man should have one. I will appreciate that much.... Read More

Congratulations to Pengfei Ma

I went to J2-502 for the English speech competition since Ma will also be a competitor. The atmosphere there seems quite warm, though seems like in chaos. Ma makes really quite a good performance, which shocks everyone there. He really makes a good job, much better than I firstly imagine. Though the slide is successfully self-displayed, but the software is still a problem. Some effects are not correctly displayed. For next time, I think I may just pack that with the player.
Ma is really a good man, who is full of power and energy. He is really a good friend that is rare to get. I appreciate that very much. I really wish we may have a talk again in some streets in America.... Read More