Congratulations to Pengfei Ma

I went to J2-502 for the English speech competition since Ma will also be a competitor. The atmosphere there seems quite warm, though seems like in chaos. Ma makes really quite a good performance, which shocks everyone there. He really makes a good job, much better than I firstly imagine. Though the slide is successfully self-displayed, but the software is still a problem. Some effects are not correctly displayed. For next time, I think I may just pack that with the player.
Ma is really a good man, who is full of power and energy. He is really a good friend that is rare to get. I appreciate that very much. I really wish we may have a talk again in some streets in America.... Read More

The reply from uncle in Beijing

I get the mail from uncle Yangyang this morning occasionally while opening my mailbox and check the mails. It has been about three weeks since I sent him a mail, asking him whether he has the friend in Renmin University of China. It is really a good university, especially on accounting. But the present situation for the postgraduate seems really too darkened, to great extent, relation and bribery involved. Once i get some help, it will be too benefitful to me,though it can not be depended on.
I still have some difficulties on math, especially on linear algebra and probabilities. And how to successfully remember the key points of politics is also quite tough.... Read More