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If you see this page with even a short glance, please first accept the thanks from the owner of this lovely blog, Jun Gu, for your staying with even a short second. If you are looking forward to some info on cutting edge research in accounting and finance, I apologize kindly that you are making a terribly wrong choice.

People always try to treat the PhDs and accordingly, the researchers in all fields as special groups of individuals that shares very unique interest and understanding towards life. However, this is always not the truth. Though the ultimate target for PhDs and researchers is to contribute the knowledge and understanding to promote a development from all aspects, e,g. scientific fundamentals, technical improvements and social understandings, they are indeed the indifferent people to your lovely neighbors.

As a current PhD student at Lancaster University of United Kingdom, I enjoy the process of pursuing a better understanding of how the accounting standards for banks should be improved, though what I can do at present is only a fraction and is still at the very early stages. However, the challenges and pressure that are brought by the work do not necessarily mean a loss of interest towards ordinary life. Here in this blog, you can enjoy my understanding on social issues, technical improvements, and some traveling records. However, there would be very few pieces of articles on my research.

There has been over five years since the first start of this blog, which experienced several changes, including a transformation from the free host to HM, a loss of data induced by some unnoticed cancellation and a gradual transfer of the contents. People can have a change in their thoughts and attitudes toward life and families, which is same for this blog, which helped me experiencing the early days of being single, involving in a distant relationship and till now being a married man. The early purpose of writing in English came with some thoughts on English writing practice, while nowadays I treat the Chinese writing as way of correction as only this native language can help me better express myself.

You may feel quite astonished on why I would like to write this introduction in English. I ‘d say it is a consideration on consistency. The earlier version of this introduction, however, is written in English several years ago as a practice. At that time, I was not even aware of how such passage should be written in an appropriate way. So, that draft is based on a tough imitation. To keep a record of such update, the old version would be provided as an attachment to this page for your reference.

Irrespective of any reason that you come to my blog and see this page, and more importantly, you have good patience to read this paragraph, please accept my thanks again and you are welcome to comment on any article you are interested in. However, considering that all the articles are written purely by myself, a cautious attitude towards the copyright should be highly appreciated. Any repostng should come with good reference and claim from the author for permission.

Jun Gu
Lancaster University, United Kingdom
4 May, 2013

**************OLD VERSION********************

Peter J. GU , with the nickname as Junjun, was born in Suzhou, a famous ancient city that is known as the Venice in East Asia. He enjoys the city and its atmosphere there. The beautiful sight and well-designed ancient gardens bring him the spirit of Jiangnan, a virtue that tells people to be modest and honest.

Peter started his interest of English since the very early days when he was still a boy of eight, some books left by his grandpa that were written in English drove him the original interest on the study of language. During his study experience, he was affected by Mr. Fei, a young English teacher in Suzhou No. 21 Middle School at that time. Under his help, Peter’s interest on this language is further promoted. In the following three years in high school, he started to listen to the VOA News, a sufficient way that promoted his listening capability. After entering the college, his interest on this language remains, but different from that of high school, Peter started to use this language but rather than to learn that only.

Computer science is the other hobby for Peter. Since the first glance at an old 286 computer when registering for a typing course in a regional younger’s palace, he was gradually interested in this machine. He started his study on computer with typing letters only for nearly two years. Then he started to take some courses on MS-DOS, WPS and some basic theories. He started his first attempt on programming from FoxBASE and later from FoxPro, a very early kind of data management system that runs on DOS and Windows 3.2 respectively. In his three years in high school, he followed Mr. Hu, a computer teacher, and learned some basics of PASCAL, an old programming language that let him understand the basis on formal programming.

While, the course of the true love never runs smoothly.  Both English and computer science remain to be his hobbies but rather than his majors. Admittedly, it is the early study of computer science and English in his early ages bring him great benefit and convenience to his present study. The solid foundation on English that was formed during the past decades enables Peter good competence on writing English papers and reviewing contemporary researches from top international journals, and his basic training on programming brings him great convenience on the usage of statistical packages for empirical researches.

This is the personal blog of Peter, you are all welcomed to make comments here.