Some Tips for Rookie Empirical Researchers

image 最近大家都开始做毕业论文了。鉴于现在国内外的学术潮流,大家都开始做实证了。哎,说实话,我们80后这一代可真是累,穿衣服、吃饭、看书什么都要赶时髦,甚至连现在这“人人得而诛之”的毕业论文都开始给我们找麻烦。您说洋洋洒洒数万字的规范研究有什么不好,既可以天马行空,也可以写的很潇洒。若有哪位牛人从小熟读唐诗宋词、楚辞汉赋,此时论文写作便是该君最为得意的时候。可惜,古人云,天有不测风云,今人曰,研究有风险,如今实证研究大行其道,不做点实证研究,毕业论文不放几个表格,不放几张统计图,不去写上一些数学模型,如何能一讨恩师的“芳心”?... Read More

Accounting Research in China: Graduate Students

It has been approximately two years since the very first touch on the contemporary research of accounting through a talk to my present tutor, Prof. Wang, a young scholar. Until then I found the existence of a new methodology called “Empirical Research”, a kind of methodology that adapts the data from the capital market for some test on the conclusions from other kind of papers, usually analytical ones in US and narrative ones in China. But the popularity of such methodology apparent brings the students of accounting, like us, great challenge with following reasons: ... Read More