How to Use Google Voice in China

按照某些朋友的话来说,最近因为忙完了考博、雅思(不知道是否需要二战)以及毕业论文(等待答辩),实在是闲得无聊。于是想找点东西来捣鼓捣鼓。作为一个把玩了电脑快二十年(把小时候用286电脑学标准指法都算上了)的人来说,一般常见的东西,比如什么QQ概念版,开心网偷菜之类的显然不会引起我的太大兴趣。在苦思冥想之后,遂想起我的Gmail邮箱里还躺着一份Google Voice的邀请函。由于Google Voice原则上只对美国开放,而我目前却在天朝呆着。于是乎,如何让我这样的天朝子民来和谐这个服务成了我这两天最有兴趣的课题。... Read More Let’s Say Goodbye!

image6[1] If you are familiar with the happenings these months related to the Google in China,  you should not forget the debating several months ago that concerns the exit of Google, a world-famous search engine, from China, a country that is famous around the world for its strict censorship on both Internet and traditional medias, like TV, newspapers and magazines. In fact, in the past few months, majority of Chinese like me, are still holding the hope that the Google should maintain its service in China, with the consideration on the commercial benefit, which, in my opinion, ultimately determines the decision for most businessman.... Read More

Google in China: To Be or Not To Be

It would be amazed to see that a young man who works at the computer for eight hours and more that is ignored about Google. For us, the coming out of search engine has changed our lives. Their service make the seeking of specified information from the pool of Internet become easy. Among the numerous search engine, Google is undoubtedly the most famous one due to its advantage on technology and service. And in less than a decade, the Google has developed from a small workshop, settled in a garage, to a global company that integrated various services, like online photo album, Email service, Books, etc. However, it is this large firm that announced his willing of exiting China this morning.... Read More