Blog Crashed: A Mandatory Move

估计是000webhost知道我最近生活单调,没有什么东西可写,故而找点事情给我做做。自从11月16日早上我发现没有收到例行的Wordpress DB Backup的邮件,我就知道要坏事儿。直到我准备使用Live Writer来更新博客时候,才发现悲剧已经降临了。Live Writer提示找不到博客,然后我尝试登录000webhost后台,结果看到:... Read More

Personal Website in China: How Far Can It Go?

China, quite an unique country that owes dual standards on the information regulations. That is, the restriction on the public discussion on some political affairs and issues tend to be mitigated when there are some large international conference holding, like the passing-by Olympics. But for other days, all these restrictions remain. The access to various websites, including,, and facebook are totally abandoned. However, the restriction can be far more than this if you are holding a website for yourself, and unfortunately, you are using a domain hosted by Chinese companies and they are settled on a server in China (Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau are excluded). The government can offer you strict supervising especially when you are writing political articles.... Read More