Writing a Mathematical Equation on Your Blog

In fact it is quite rare for a blog writer to put some mathematical models on the blog unless it is an article related to some very professional courses. However, low propability can hardly mean never happen. Taking myself for example, I would like to post some of my notes on econometrics and my feeling of research proposal with the blog readers, though I can write them with a Latex system and then compile it to a PDF document, providing it as an attachment for download. While I don’t think most readers would prefer such behavior. Reading that directly can be a much more pleasant experience, especially when there is not many complicated equations.... Read More

LYX: A New Written Instrument

经过几天的奋斗,终于完成了研究计划的初稿。12页的英文写作果然不是闹着玩的。累的我差点小命送掉。不过这次我也得到了一个教训,那就是,只有自己熟悉的东西才能做好,永远不要轻易去尝试你所不了解的事情。不过首当其冲要感谢的,则是我在Linux下新伙伴,LYX。这个系统同时给了我LATEX系统的便捷,也让我享受到了可视化编辑的乐趣。我之所以喜欢LATEX,是因为在我结束了最后一个字符的同时,我的文本排版也在倾刻间完成了。这是Word系统远远不能比拟的。... Read More

Linux: My New Working System

对于大多数会计专业的学生而言,Linux应该是一个陌生的名词。事实上,这是一个基于UNIX构架的个人版系统。它的计算性能非常优秀。著名的Matlab,Mathematica等工具在Linux环境下都有着远胜于Windows平台的表现。而科研写作工具Latex的配置也比windows下高效和便捷的多。只是由于我们的研究很少使用这类“高级”工具,而且中文论文也必须使用Word文档来投稿,这个好东西自然就入不了大多数人的法眼了。... Read More