Quality or Quantity: A Puzzle for Researchers

Frankly, this is not a suitable topic for me due to my limited experience on both research and academic given my present education as only a graduating master’s student. However, my limited experience, as well as my coming PhD life in Lancaster, do bring me an opportunity to think about: when doing some research, given two dimensions as measurement of the work as quality and quantity, which shall I prefer?... Read More

LYX: A New Written Instrument

经过几天的奋斗,终于完成了研究计划的初稿。12页的英文写作果然不是闹着玩的。累的我差点小命送掉。不过这次我也得到了一个教训,那就是,只有自己熟悉的东西才能做好,永远不要轻易去尝试你所不了解的事情。不过首当其冲要感谢的,则是我在Linux下新伙伴,LYX。这个系统同时给了我LATEX系统的便捷,也让我享受到了可视化编辑的乐趣。我之所以喜欢LATEX,是因为在我结束了最后一个字符的同时,我的文本排版也在倾刻间完成了。这是Word系统远远不能比拟的。... Read More