A Revision on Junjun’s Home: Diversification Proposed

其实我想细心的本博客读者应该发现,自从我把博客从Bill家迁出,在Hostmonster自立门户以后,我的博客域名就不再是默认的www开头,而是以blog开头的二级域名了。也许你会问我,为什么我输入的www没有问题,甚至于从党论的博客上跳转过来的链接也没有大问题,这是因为,我做了个简单的跳转,把所有的www请求全部重定向到了blog下。这样的临时措施作了好几个月,因为我实在是没有时间和精力来做一个个人主页。... Read More

Password Reset: Who can tell me why?

It was quite mysterious that my site suddenly stopped working this afternoon. Followed by the previous experience that the incorrect configuration of plug-ins that damp the service of Word Press, I checked all the plug-ins initially but nothing wrong. Problems seems to be more serious since the website then indicated that errors occur when connecting to the database. I logged into the background but found no clue at all. Unlike the description from some site that the database was deleted by the 000webhost.com that it remained, but the PhPMyAdmin failed to work. I was getting fully puzzled on what was happening.... Read More