Congratulatons to Xie Wei



以下转载了谢老师的空间的帖子。他是我进常熟理工学院见到的第一位老师,也一直对我很好。我非常感激,今天得到他的好消息,我真是为他高兴万分!... Read More

My New Year’s Gift

My New Year’s Gift is eventually arrived, how great thing it is ! I am really fond of the Swiss Military Knife, it is really a great thing, with the heavy feeling in hand which indicating the excellent quality of steel they use, I get the feeling that it expresses through the hundred-year-history well-known brand. Just as my brothers words, evey man should have one. I will appreciate that much.... Read More

The admission

The letter from my Document Achievement get arrived eventually and the documents have been sent out yesterday, now I may just wait for the notice of admission. Thinking about the past months, it is really tough, I have to bear too much and think too much, while now I still have much to do, after three years of study, what should I do then? What am I going to be? All are of questions to be solved. Life to some kind, is just a set of formulas, either linear or non-linear, once you get it solved and achieve the final solution, you finish the task of the life. The method we use is not Mathematica or Matlab, but the adventures, the courage and our belief!... Read More

Congratulations to Pengfei Ma

I went to J2-502 for the English speech competition since Ma will also be a competitor. The atmosphere there seems quite warm, though seems like in chaos. Ma makes really quite a good performance, which shocks everyone there. He really makes a good job, much better than I firstly imagine. Though the slide is successfully self-displayed, but the software is still a problem. Some effects are not correctly displayed. For next time, I think I may just pack that with the player.
Ma is really a good man, who is full of power and energy. He is really a good friend that is rare to get. I appreciate that very much. I really wish we may have a talk again in some streets in America.... Read More

The reply from uncle in Beijing

I get the mail from uncle Yangyang this morning occasionally while opening my mailbox and check the mails. It has been about three weeks since I sent him a mail, asking him whether he has the friend in Renmin University of China. It is really a good university, especially on accounting. But the present situation for the postgraduate seems really too darkened, to great extent, relation and bribery involved. Once i get some help, it will be too benefitful to me,though it can not be depended on.
I still have some difficulties on math, especially on linear algebra and probabilities. And how to successfully remember the key points of politics is also quite tough.... Read More