Graduation from college

As an saying goes, that, you will never know what something would be like until you get the experience, as you would never know how appetite would be like until you get hungry. Now I see its true meaning on my graduation.

It has been long heard that great sadness would be involved in a leaving for graduation, men would drink much and girls may scream high, I gained this feeling as well when I left Changshu for Nanjing to achieve my college study on accounting 2 years ago, which enhanced me the convince that only sandness would involve in a leaving. Still remember that night, nearly all the boys and girls are drunk, they don’t even know if they would enter a girl’s room or a boy’s one. I am the only man that was aware enough to take them back to my room, I never take wine.

While time spreads rapidly, a new period of 2 years is completed and we may have to say goodbye again, I may go for Wuhan for my postgraduate study and take a new 3-year-period as a student again while the others may enter the companies to be an accountant or so. There is no cry, no scream this time, perhaps we have no true friendship as that of Changshu, we are all quite calm, just say goodbye politely and leave. The only thing I can remember, is Ma, he drove me to the downtown and enjoy a great meal in a western restaurant, he is really my best friend, of course, not only for this meal. :q

We have modern communications, we may contact each other freely, leaving is temporary but not permanent anymore!

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