Blog Crashed: A Mandatory Move

估计是000webhost知道我最近生活单调,没有什么东西可写,故而找点事情给我做做。自从11月16日早上我发现没有收到例行的Wordpress DB Backup的邮件,我就知道要坏事儿。直到我准备使用Live Writer来更新博客时候,才发现悲剧已经降临了。Live Writer提示找不到博客,然后我尝试登录000webhost后台,结果看到:... Read More

Blog Crashed: Unexpected Accident

My blog got crashed for the whole day yesterday when I tried to update the wordpress into the new version of 2.8.6, which was released that day. The detailed reason that can explain why this happen is still unknown yet. Though my blog is now working again, I suppose it necessary to write it down with pieces of words.... Read More