Blog Crashed: Unexpected Accident

My blog got crashed for the whole day yesterday when I tried to update the wordpress into the new version of 2.8.6, which was released that day. The detailed reason that can explain why this happen is still unknown yet. Though my blog is now working again, I suppose it necessary to write it down with pieces of words.

The problem that I come across is that when i am updating the new files from the local disk to the server, and the old files are overwritten, the connection was rejected by the server with the message saying ‘I can’t accept more than 2 connections”.Then the result seems to be more serious than expected, perhaps it is the difference on the versions of the system, that the system got crashed, you can only see the file list with the title of ‘index /’ without the original blog sites. I don’t know if it is the problem on the server, or that of my campus network, whose instability cause overloading attempts to login that lead to the rejection from the server. Anyway, the system is okay now and I have uploaded the files again.

In fact, we should not, and we have no excuse to complain much about this. Comparing to the other free hosting providers, 000webhost has offered much larger disk space, limitation on traffic, and good stability on servers. Though we are bearing the limitation on the amount of files that can be stored on FTP server for 6000, which is adequate for the personal blogs like mine, as well as the limitation on connections for only two, which is reasonable. However, you will always being warned of exceeding connections, but you can hardly understand why it happen. What you can do is to wait for three minutes, which is called inactivity, according to the guidelines officially. Well, thank goodness that there is no http header restriction, which is quite a terrible problem and it took my friend Bill days to get that done.

PS: The weather these days is getting really chilly, is it the cold that get the server frozen? hah, just a trick.

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