Words for Spring Festival, 2011: English Version

There are two reasons that eventually promote me writing this post in English, even though I have published one with similar topic in Chinese some hours ago. The first reason is a kind suggestion from Justin, both my colleague and good friend, says that he can hardly understand what I said on the blog since they are mainly in Chinese, the other reason, however, is on myself. I find my writing skills in English is declining very greatly in past few months, and I wonder, it is time for a practice now.... Read More

Farewell to 2010: A New Start

不知道我在哪里看到过这么一句话说“浑浑噩噩间,新的一年又来到”。于我现在而言,那就真的可以说是浑浑噩噩了。由于一些非常杯具的原因,我错过了这里最热闹的圣诞节和元旦。而在对中国人而言这个最重要的节日里,你感受不到一点“年味”。这里全然一副除了春节,地球照样转的架势。人们依旧忙碌着,上课、实验、读论文、跑数据。唯一能让你感受到快过年的就是我办公桌上的宣传册了吧?哈哈。... Read More