Words for Spring Festival, 2011: English Version

There are two reasons that eventually promote me writing this post in English, even though I have published one with similar topic in Chinese some hours ago. The first reason is a kind suggestion from Justin, both my colleague and good friend, says that he can hardly understand what I said on the blog since they are mainly in Chinese, the other reason, however, is on myself. I find my writing skills in English is declining very greatly in past few months, and I wonder, it is time for a practice now.

  1. An Alternative Post for This Festival

    This is not a replication of the Chinese post, and I would never try to do that for any reason, since it is meaningless. The expression and style that adopt in two different languages varies, and the objective from readers deviates. In this post, I would try to get rid of most trivialities that happened in my daily life, but taking something more serious into account. It is a choice that can both regards as a compromising between my willing and existing English writing competence, and a preference from myself, that is willing to use English as my working language.

  2. My Favor to Literature Reviews

    The accident happened last week indeed provided me some more time for my own reading and thinking , and I appreciate this opportunity greatly. For my research, I would temporarily get out of the world of bank and insurance, but focus on some newly published reviews on Journal of Accounting and Economics. In fact, I am crazy on reading reviews, especially those published on topic journals, because they do provide fast and efficient approach to the broad understanding on what had happened in past decade within the field of academic, but not only a narrow space that I am devoting to.

    This habit of reading reviews, as well as retelling classic papers are from the training that I took in Shanghai some years ago, a special program provided by TJ Wong and Joseph Fan, willing to promote the standardization of research in mainland China for business school faculties. During those two weeks, we took a very fast review on the studies that has been existing in past decades. Though they are mainly transferred to the regional studies in China later, the focus on reviews, or say, sufficient attention to fundamental questions and theory brought me great impression, which largely changed my taste.

    Comparing to those reviews published in 2001, which undoubtedly are revolutionary works, those published recently seems to be more intense. If regarding the 2001 reviews as introduction to contemporary studies in accounting and finance, I mean, the 2010 reviews however, focus on more intense questions. Taking the first review written by Amstrong for example ,which investigates the relation between corporate governance and debt contract, you would find numerous paragraphs critique previous works in past decade. This, indeed, is very beneficial for me, a rookie researcher, to learn how to aid my thinking.

  3. Accounting Issues in Banking Sectors: Interesting but  Challenging

    But a conflict is raising here, which comes from my study plan for PhD and my willing to a solid foundation. I suppose this conflict would go with me for the coming new year. Obviously, my willing to devote myself into the field of banking sectors, an area that I had nearly no specific knowledge and even missed some fundamental knowledge, is not a push from Professor Peasnell and O’Hanlon, but my determination on its prosperous perspective. The financial crisis from 2008 really beat the whole world, and made regulators be aware of the importance for their monitoring to this field, the investors be more focus on the specific knowledge in this industry. Undoubtedly, economic loss, or even depression would be the best lessons for anyone to take.  It is this transfer focus that made the studies in this field being popular and hot. However, a fundamental question that I shall ask myself is: can I handle this successfully?

  4. Perspective of 2011: Can Time Swipe Anything Away?

    Coming to Lancaster this winter, and being supervised by two great and kind professors, is really an excellent news for making my own dream come true.  But it is a transfer with high transaction cost, since my specific knowledge based on the market in China is indeed of quite little value to the studies conducted in mainstream academic world, and this largely reduces its transferability. Anyway, I would also have to face the troubles on my communications with colleagues and supervisors due to the barrier comes from cultural difference and my language capability.

    Anyway, to be or not to be, it is not a question here. The question here is substituted to how it can be. Perhaps time is the optimal solution for this formula, but how long would the time be? Who knows…https://blog.gujun-sky.com

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