A Revision on Junjun’s Home: Diversification Proposed

其实我想细心的本博客读者应该发现,自从我把博客从Bill家迁出,在Hostmonster自立门户以后,我的博客域名就不再是默认的www开头,而是以blog开头的二级域名了。也许你会问我,为什么我输入的www没有问题,甚至于从党论的博客上跳转过来的链接也没有大问题,这是因为,我做了个简单的跳转,把所有的www请求全部重定向到了blog下。这样的临时措施作了好几个月,因为我实在是没有时间和精力来做一个个人主页。... Read More

Writing a Mathematical Equation on Your Blog

In fact it is quite rare for a blog writer to put some mathematical models on the blog unless it is an article related to some very professional courses. However, low propability can hardly mean never happen. Taking myself for example, I would like to post some of my notes on econometrics and my feeling of research proposal with the blog readers, though I can write them with a Latex system and then compile it to a PDF document, providing it as an attachment for download. While I don’t think most readers would prefer such behavior. Reading that directly can be a much more pleasant experience, especially when there is not many complicated equations.... Read More

Reading the Blogs: The Way You Understand Him

image 今天终于开始着手准备国内的博士考试,尽管两次GRE的悲剧很是让我伤心,一度让我都没有了自信并在博客上发了大量的牢骚(如某某某某),以至于我对所有的“绣球”都来者不拒。非常感谢我姐在关键时候对我的激励,使我顿然醒悟,其实我并不是我想的那么没用,或许我也需要做些事情来证明自己。但是这种转变很容易因为年轻而变得锋芒毕露。锋芒毕露最要命的问题就是会让人很不爽,高调做事,低调做人或许就是这个意思吧。一些本来没打算伤害别人的事情却会因不太恰当的做法而出问题。如果再加上信息不对称,信息成本过高等问题的话,这个现象会更严重。... Read More

Write a Blog Article with Microsoft Word

It has been for more than 3 years since my first contact with the blog, and the most frequent way for my updating is just the on-site editor. That is, I just write on web directly. But such way owes quite an important advantage that many advanced aligning skills cannot be used, such as some requirement on accurate positioning of pictures.... Read More