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It has been for more than 3 years since my first contact with the blog, and the most frequent way for my updating is just the on-site editor. That is, I just write on web directly. But such way owes quite an important advantage that many advanced aligning skills cannot be used, such as some requirement on accurate positioning of pictures.

After the construction of this website, my good friend, Wung, told me to use Windows Live instead, a component of Windows Live Packs. It is quite a good tool that involves more instruments, but considering it to be a free tool, some functions are still not supported.

Thus it draws me to Microsoft® Word. Fortunately it is quite easy to use as well. But something follows should be prepared if you are willing to take it:

  • The XMLRPC function of your site should be enabled
  • Office Live Add-on is suggested to be enabled

Thus you are able to start to write an article with your Word, some steps are to be followed:

  • Use File – Publish – Blog
  • A dialogue box appears, following the instructions and filling your domain, username and password
  • Write the article, all the actions for writing are the same as writing a paper that we usually do
  • Click publish when finished

Now you may take an attempt if you are interested in writing with Word as I amJ

2 thoughts on “Write a Blog Article with Microsoft Word”

    1. 哦?呵呵,我还真没注意到这个问题呢,呵呵,看来还是得老老实实用后台的发布工具来。

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