Lancaster of Winter: A First Impression

按照办公室好友金沙兄的话来说,我就像刚出生的孩子,对周围的一切都充满着极端的好奇和兴奋。对此,他充满了无语。也是,像他这样在英国呆了接近十年的老鸟,应该早就目空一切了吧?可是对于我这样一个接受了二十多年的社会主义教育的人而言,初次来到一个全新的国度,能不开心吗?更何况,这里有着远胜于国内的生活条件和科研支持,使我有着一种如鱼得水的感觉,这又能如何让我兴奋?于是,我决定接着上一回,利用办公室的电脑,写下这篇博客,以满足各位读者的好奇心。... Read More

Revisiting CSLG: A Two-day Trip

It can never be amazed for one, who are quite familiar with me, of knowing the Changshu Institute of Technology.  It is a small school focusing on engineering and science majors, locating in a small town near Suzhou. To mention it here in my blog means nothing to its contribution to the academic and industrial world, but purely that as my mother school where I spent my first two years of college life.... Read More

Career and Romance: A Puzzle?

Romance It can hardly be denied that romance is a strange thing. Unlike the regular events that can easily be controlled in certain routines, the romance can hardly be controlled rationally. More likely, the development of the process for a couple falling in love seems to be a random walk, no matter you are originally determined or not. One may not be able to fully understand this unless you own the experience. It is a kind of experience that involves true loving, demands and even sex, any tiny error made in such process can mean influencing consequence in future. And, under most occasions, it is highly related to the career, another key aspect of human lives. ... Read More