On Development of China in 30 Years

This topic comes from a lunch talk days ago with a visiting scholar from China and a colleague in our department, who is quite ignored on the Chinese issues. Though under most conditions, the discussions about China that covers the riskiness of the banking system, unfairness of educational resources, the bribery among the official servants and governmental departments, can easily reach a consistent conclusion, this time we are facing dispersion. Such dispersion, however, can mean the ignorance of knowledge on fundamental theories of accounting and finance, the reality of Chinese society, and, of course, so-called ‘face’ that is widely seen in Chinese cultures (面子:笔者注). To avoid some unnecessary troubles, this article only summarizes the viewpoint of mine.... Read More

Taxation in China: A Serious Topic

在百忙的工作中写这个博客,其实是来自于太傻论坛上的一个讨论。在这个讨论中,大家就中国和英国的税制问题展开了激烈的争论,其中有经济学博士,有在英国工作多年但在国内家境不错的朋友,也有很多像我这样的国内的Loser。可以说在这个方面,我们各抒己见,有了个很好的讨论。但是,我很清楚,这类问题,尤其是如下我今日所做的回复,恐怕很容易被和谐。所以我决定加以修改,刊登在此,供以后备查。... Read More

Government Versus Public: Friends or Enemies?

如果说赖昌星的回国和郭美美的漂亮车车还不足以吸引大家的眼球的话,温州高铁的事故可以说是让大家接触了一次真正的爱的教育。或许大多数人不会认可1959年的“自然灾害”是人祸;或许没有受过教育的大众并不能理解“希望工程”为什么并没有改变他们子女没有接受教育的命运;或许我们也还在怀念赖老哥为了平抑中国的油价所作出的卓越贡献,这次的事故和铁道部的操蛋应对却让我们深深地震撼了。... Read More