Obtaining Your Academic Degree in Taiwan?

最近我终于开始了有史以来最宅的一段时间。尽管所作的事情不少,包括新电脑的选择,英国文化的了解和一个国际期刊的审稿。但是真的能够写到博客里的东西实在是少之又少。在我看来,博客尽管是一个个人页面,却不是一个个人生活的汇报表。但是前两天刚公布的相关法案却给了我写一篇新博客的动力。这个相关法案就是最近被国内媒体低调处理的“教育部針對開放招收陸生及採認大陸學歷相關規劃說明”。... Read More

Graduate Students in China: Depression Only

摘要:如果说人生是一场戏,那么在天朝上研究生将会是您人生重要的一课。本文以经济学基础理论为理论依据,通过非现实,调侃等非正常逻辑思维和手法展现了我天朝研究生生活之特色。本文发现,同发达国家,以及大多数新兴市场的研究生生活相比,我们的生活充满了更多的激情与刺激,同时也需要更多的博弈过程。限于篇幅,本文仅抛砖,并未提供严格数理分析以及福利分析。此等可作后续研究之方向。... Read More

To Be A Teacher: Why Only For PhD?

Quite occasionally I get the ticket for admission of a employment conference this morning, accompanying with my friends I participated the employment conference as my first time of doing so after the last participation of such activity two years ago in Nanjing. But this conference, frankly speaking, is not a good one, no matter  whether it is evaluated under the organization or its size. While, it does offer quite numerous positions for those who are willing to be a teacher.... Read More

Accounting Research in China: Graduate Students

It has been approximately two years since the very first touch on the contemporary research of accounting through a talk to my present tutor, Prof. Wang, a young scholar. Until then I found the existence of a new methodology called “Empirical Research”, a kind of methodology that adapts the data from the capital market for some test on the conclusions from other kind of papers, usually analytical ones in US and narrative ones in China. But the popularity of such methodology apparent brings the students of accounting, like us, great challenge with following reasons: ... Read More