To Be A Teacher: Why Only For PhD?

Quite occasionally I get the ticket for admission of a employment conference this morning, accompanying with my friends I participated the employment conference as my first time of doing so after the last participation of such activity two years ago in Nanjing. But this conference, frankly speaking, is not a good one, no matter  whether it is evaluated under the organization or its size. While, it does offer quite numerous positions for those who are willing to be a teacher.

For those who are holding a master’s degree and with strong willing of being a teacher in a college, the experience today seems to be a dilemma. If you are willing to be a tracked for a teaching position in an acceptable university, a PhD degree seems to be a must. But if you can accept the comparative low salary for the similar position in a technical school, then you have the opportunities of being accepted. While once accept such position, new problems will occur. The low probability of being a professor and tutor for doctoral students, and the enforcement of taking the Ph.D study can all be coming problems that are waiting to be solved.

There has been quite long for me to consider, but never provide a substantive answer that, whether it is necessary for a teacher holding a Ph.D degree, especially for those technical school. It is of no doubt that teachers with good academic training, and holding an advanced degree can obviously help students broaden their horizon, rather than keeping a narrow vision on the skills and knowledge points printed on the books. However, with the concern that the main task for the undergraduate students is to build a solid foundation, I don’t know if the research experience of a Ph.D students or a Master’s student would help. What I argue more practically, is to hire some teachers with working experience in an accounting or consulting firm, who can deliver some practical skills.

However, for the training on academics for graduate students, things are totally different. These students require more training on the research issues, such as the theory explanation, research methodology and some introductory lectures on contemporary research. For undergraduate students on accounting, they are not required to know Williamson, Coarse, Watts, Beaver, etc, but for graduate students, good familiarity on such classical works is to be a must. So with full experience of research can help the lecturer deliver a better and deeper understanding on these issues. For these purposes, Ph.D graduates is a good source to get the candidates of the lecturers of the issues on graduate levels.

This is only quite an initial consideration on the issue of employment for colleges, for any comments, you are welcome to follow and discuss.

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  1. Yeah, I remember that in my senior high school, there’s a physical teacher who got the phD, but I have to say that he’s really not good at making a speech or said making the class fun, The degree can mean nothing in a way. Whether the teacher can teach and treat students well doesn’t depend only on how much he himself has mastered.

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