Writing a Mathematical Equation on Your Blog

In fact it is quite rare for a blog writer to put some mathematical models on the blog unless it is an article related to some very professional courses. However, low propability can hardly mean never happen. Taking myself for example, I would like to post some of my notes on econometrics and my feeling of research proposal with the blog readers, though I can write them with a Latex system and then compile it to a PDF document, providing it as an attachment for download. While I don’t think most readers would prefer such behavior. Reading that directly can be a much more pleasant experience, especially when there is not many complicated equations.... Read More

Happy Teacher’s Day: A Belated Wish

It has been approximately 20 years since my first step into the kindergarten as a young student, and many teachers have come and go, who taught me piles of knowledge, ranging from elementary ABCs to advanced skills, from fundamentally ethical principles to professional trainings. It is the teachers that bring me to my present situation. Thanks for their kindness and hard-working. Wish they happy Teacher’s Day!... Read More