Happy Teacher’s Day: A Belated Wish

It has been approximately 20 years since my first step into the kindergarten as a young student, and many teachers have come and go, who taught me piles of knowledge, ranging from elementary ABCs to advanced skills, from fundamentally ethical principles to professional trainings. It is the teachers that bring me to my present situation. Thanks for their kindness and hard-working. Wish they happy Teacher’s Day!

Some teachers in my primary school, among the ones that taught me, changed my life greatly. The first one is an old math teacher, Mr.Zhou, who was the headmaster of my primary school. It is him that draw me the interest on mathematics. It is the old time when the Olympic Contest on Mathematics are still for interesting and involves no commence, which differs from that of today. I did participate some contests but gained nothing. The only thing i get is the experience on exams. I don’t know why there are so many parents and children are mad to this contest, and spending great money on that. In my opinion, mathematics can, and only can be depended on interest, but not on training. 

And, Ms Luo and Mr.Xu, my headteacher in primary school, also bring me great influence on my education. Unlike who I am today that seems to be more bright, I was only a shamed boy in primary school that don’t speak much to others. Mr.Xu paid much attention on my diet and study during her spare time, and, it was her that firstly taught me how to husk the apple. Meanwhile, I got adequate scold as well due to my dishonesty, which follows the nature of the boys. But Mr.Xu apparently taught me on how to be a man, to be encouraged and bright.  But unfortunately I have lost the contact to him.

Mr. Liu, a computer teacher in Children’s Palace of Jinchang Distinct, brought me the very first touch to the computer in 1996, when computer in China is still quite a precious toy. Occasionally I got a recommendation from my primary school that promoted my first education on computer, though the skills that I learned is quite rough, nothing except typing English letters. While it is the typing skills that learned when I was a boy that bring me great convenience today, such as taking online tests of GRE and TOEFL as well as writing papers and programs. Later I got the training on fundamental theories, operating system, word processing and data management from him and obtained my first certificate of computer skills in 1997, when I graduated from primary school. But I can hardly contact to him as well.

In my past study of years, I came across great number of good teachers including my present professor, but it is all these teachers in my primary school changed my life greatly. I appreciate the kindness and honesty of my teachers heartedly. As a final of this post, wish all the teachers, no matter if you are mine or not, a happy Teachers’ Day!

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