A presentation of Lee

I have to get up early this morning for a presentation held in WHU with the lecturer as Li Zengquan, a young scholar from SHUFE. They are working for a paper that is willing to be published overseas.

The topic is about the relation between relation-specificity and accounting conversatism with the vewpoint from the suppliers and cusutomers. It shares something in common with my professor that was showed in an early talk when i firstly met him. While i don’t think i have such power and knowledge to complete this topic as well as Lees are doing.

Accounting conservatism seems to be a hot topic since Watts(2003) showing this, the early paper that I know should not be more famous than Basu(1997), which builds up a broading measurement for asymmetric timeliness, though Watts(2007) then shows that it may cause bias and measuring error, and he recommended a new way to do that. It is still conflicitng all around the worldhttps://blog.gujun-sky.com

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