Cultural Difference:Diet

It is this kind of voice that accompanies my great lunch today

I don’t know why, but it is jsut the case, that I find many persons, that i met after coming to Wuhan, are all holding a high speed of taking meals. There is no doubt, if you happen to take meal with my friends and me, you will soon find, i am the first one to start, but the last one to finish, unless you are even slower~~

This in fact, can be seen as an indicator of character, both of an individual and of the region. It is a common sense that, comparing to my friends in Suzhou, my friends here are sharing a direct communication. They will never take too much skill when talking to you, and you don’t have to take too much time to judge its substential meanings. But, once in my howetown, don’t be too direct, it will hurt you and your friends, sometimes.

Ti expand this, we may see the cultural difference, as is widely discussed and used in the business world. The way you taok, the way your walk, andd even the way you treat others, are not only of your own character, but also of an cultural influence. So, how about your considreration?

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5 thoughts on “Cultural Difference:Diet”

  1. take too much skill ? I think it should be “too many skills” Well, u have made some other mistakes..See the last second (?) paragraph… As for what u said…Well, I think the 2 main reasons that u analysis are quite true. So, there’s such a difference between Wuhan natives and Suzhou natives? Before I read this diary, I just think that we should not do sth too directly, especiaally when we say sth.And the harm that u do to others by your words is much more painful the mentally injuries… And it takes years for the victims to recover.Or said, harmful words may leave a shadow in the inner heart for ever… So, in my eyes, be true to what u do and say as well as be kind to others.

  2. .. It’s healthier to eat slowly… Is it because they keep a high pace? I think it a good article, for u begin it with a small thing or said a common phenomenon and then talks about the reasons behind and say sth big… Excuse my poor expression…

  3. The way you taok, the way your walk, 我是否发现了个错误呢?我喜欢direct,不喜欢indirect,我希望都能direct。。

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