Grandma Gone: A Letter to My Brother

I have just gotten the mail from Keke that Grandma has gone this afternoon. It is really a depressed new to hear from, I can hardly imagine how fast this developed. I was supposing, I was wondering what kind of gift to bring to her. But now, it is all gone. I don’t know how to express my feeling, I may say all these to my mom, but, I don’t want to tell her more, she, must be fully depressed now. The people that I can only talk to, is you, please forgive my long letter this time.

Still remember the photos that I took in West Garden? She seems to be that healthy, that bright, and of great excitment, we were planning to get more people involved in the trip next year, we were wondering the ceremony for her age of 100, we were, I even admit her of a gift from overseas again when I am admitted to a school abroad, but nowhttps://blog.gujun-sky.comI don’t know what to do

I was brought up by her, possessing the preliminary education from her, which is know to all my families. And I do see her bearing a lot, the pressure of living, the sickness of my childhood, and, I can even remind the sight of teaching me how to use a abacus. I remembered the first time she searched the English books that was left by uncle and grandpa for my very first interest on this language, but you know, in fact, it was, of only curiosity that every child possesses and I could even hardly tell the 26 letters at that time.

It is her, that took me to the kindergaten, primary school and back. It is her, that paid full attention on my diet, on my clothing, and on my assignment. It is her, that took full care of me, even today. I still remember her excitness of my admission to the graduate school and my opportunity of travelling to Hawaii. It is heer, that kept asking me quesitons on my study, on my future plan, even on my research though she is fully ignored about all these things. Now I am so hestitate, why cannnot I be more patient to treat her? Why cannot I be more patient to explain all these to her? But now, I have no chance any more.

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  1. 生老病死是自然规律,这么慈祥的老人家一定会升天堂的,相信她能够看到你的喜怒哀乐,也相信她能够听到你的心声,所以不必自责了,节哀顺便啊!e100

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