Re-Open: A New Step in a New Era

Quite occasionally I came into this blog that I opened some years ago when it was still quite a fresh service here in China. But soon it was forbidden by the gov that I can even hardly enter by myself. Eventually it died out. But now, I decide to restart the updating of that, with the only reason as its credibility and steadibility on their offered service.

It was quite hot today in Wuhan that I kept sweating for the whole day, and drinks as twice much of water as I used to. But still, the fainting comes with me for the whole day, that impeded my working experience greatly. What’s really happening on earth?

GRE is really not an easy task fo fulfill, as well as the paper in hand. I am quite too anxious about both of them, one decides my further and the other decides my life at present. Neither can be simply denied. Qute a reasonable question that arises, is this the life that I really want?

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