A Travel in Suzhou

Due to the preparation for my GRE exams and some works for paper, I have been stayed at home for more than two weeks since my return from SNAI for the training. And in fact, the time can be longer if my friend, Jiang and his wife don’t come.

They come to Suzhou, as their first-time visit, in quite a hot morning.  And I met them in a KFC restaurant near the railway station. Now a trip starts.

We firstly paid a visit to the famous sight: Tigher Hill, with a tower that is regarded as the symbol of Suzhou. It is really quite a hot day, very few tourists appear there, but the price of the ticket, is still as high as the temperature, asks for 60 RMB. Thanks to my annual card, I do save a big deal on this visit.


This is the gate for the park, just see how the sun shines! But undoubtedly, it is beautiful.

Following is a stone that are divided sharply, as a legend says, it was done by a sword of King Wu.


See that tower? Yeah, it is the symbol of the Suzhou City, no less important the Learing Tower of Pisa in Italy.


The nex station we refer to is the Gally in Xu’men, where held the World Heritage Meeting. The weather that day is really good, just see the blue sky:)


Following is a remote sight of Xu’men that I shot standing at the top of the bridge.


The last photo is just the Xu’men. Still remember the old days when I lived near that place. It was as brumal as you can image! But now it is really a beautiful place.


6 thoughts on “A Travel in Suzhou”

    1. IELTS is not that difficult, I am quite convinced that you can get quite a good mark in that exams. But why do you take that? A plan of going overseas?

  1. Well, I assume that there are as many senic spots in Suzhou as those in Nanjing.
    I suggest paying attention to the tense. Even though your mistakes may just be caused by fast typing and thinking. But since we write this journal, just do it carefully. It’s more than attitude. ^_^

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