Manuscript Finished: Some thoughts about my past two years

Eventually I get my manuscript finished, under the suggestions from my tutor. It should have been finished earlier but thanks to the attitude from my tutor, I really don’t know why he is so clam about this.  He is being too calm but which unfits his demand, at least I suppose so. While, fortunately, his mood these days seems to be good, and his working efficiency is recovering. What’s more, he is recovering his confidence on research.

I don’t know if the things I did fits the value on my sacrifice for the past two years. The unbalanced distribution from our team definitely draws me out of the scholarships and awards. I am wondering if such occurrence meets my rank among the 90 colleagues as No.1.  Is keeping a balance between the input and output can be that difficult?  To be or not to be, that’s a question

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