Flight Change: An Alternative Choice

There are only 3 days left for my summer vacation due to my schedule of going back to Wuhan to continue my preparation for GRE and my admission to the graduate school.  Everything seems quite okay and I am just wondering what to do as my plan when back. But everything changed when I get a short message from the China Southern Airline that my scheduled flight has been delayed due to some reason to 9 p.m. And two choices are offered: I can either accept the change, quite arbitrary, or to cancel that seat.

If there is nothing urgent as my classmates, such as GRE exams, I would directly postpone this flight but continue to stay at home. But now I have to go back on time, since I don’t want to suffer the same situation as that happened in June.  A direct consideration on train directly draw me to a check on the timing schedule, but unfortunately, the only train to Wuhan would be arrived at 10:30 p.m in Hankou, no earlier than my flight.

While fortunately I get the flight from qunar.com, a famous search engine in China for hotels and air tickets, that there is a 300-yuan ticket from Xiamen Airline to Wuhan. Though it is a bit expensive and I have to go to Hangzhou to take that flight, it is acceptable, comparing to the price that can be twice of much from other airlines. Wish this flight would not be cancelled. I really don’t want to stay in a bar at the airport for hours.

So I firstly asked the refund from the China Southern Airline.


And then make an new order from Xiamen Airlines, frankly speaking, their website and ordering system needs to be improved.


Comparing to the delay that I suffered, the informing in advance is a progress on their service, but in fact, some compensation to the customers should be offered as well according to the conventions of airlines overseas. For this, the companies in China needs to be improved. And, why not send me an email but a short message to my cell phone?

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