Reading in Middle Night: Feel About Silence

image Due to the difference on the timing patterns at home and that on campus, I prefer reading at night these days. Unfortunately, the books that I am now reading is not a fiction, or some poems, but the electronically versions of textbooks, which are corporate finance, basic econometrics and accounting theory. All these books are written in English. In fact, I should have found some Chinese versions to read, which may accelerate my reading. But the question comes. That the books are pretty expensive, purchasing all these books can be a great bill. Then, to save up some money, I shall keep on reading the original version.

Thanks to the practice that I have took in past years for TOEFL and GRE, that my reading ability has greatly been improved. Reading the text is now a great challenge for me. That is also a key reason why I prefer to save up the expenses of purchasing all these printed books. Admittedly, the electronic version are also of good readability since that are all colored pages. Though I am not a kid anymore, I still prefer such styles, which, according to Bill, sounds like a favor of a little girl. Anyway, my accepted English competence and the colored style promotes my determination of reading such books. You know, each of them are as thick as 700 pages, quite a pile of blocks!

But not all the books are that attractive. Some handbooks on research, which are mainly published by some top publishers, and organized as a collection of academic papers, are nightmare for readers. I have two volumes of Handbooks for Management Accounting Research, though they are regarded as essential collections for important literatures on this branch, I don’t have the power to read. That’s partially why I eventually give up my application to Shanghai University of Finance and Economics. The Financial Accounting written by William Scott may be a bit simpler since its original orientation as a undergraduate textbook. The English version for this book is more or less a bit plain to read, and can hardly attract the interest of a reader. In such situations, the Chinese version can be regarded as good substitution.

I don’t know whether it is necessary to write posts in a styled way for my blog. I have tried to write two articles in such way. Hand-coding for such writing is a good way, and is likely to be more efficient. While, frankly, I always recongize the blog as a personal clip board where I can express my own way of thinking, and i should not keep on writing all the articles in a styled way, as what I did frequently for an academic paper. The words from a random though, though may be of disorder, fully reflect my present situation and feeling. I appreciate the free mind in this process of writing, and the free style of writing as a consequence.

This world needs serious thinking, but not only serious topics. They want relaxation and luxuries as well.

3 thoughts on “Reading in Middle Night: Feel About Silence”

  1. 如果是因为买书太贵而选择电子版的话,这个理由还是有点不充分。

    1. 哈哈,的确,听着像笑话,但是的确是事实。更何况,很多我们专业教材国内找不到影印版的。在美国的话,电子版的教材也是很贵的,毕竟人家也是有版权的,呵呵。MP3好像就是一美元一首。在美国的Wal-Mart,我看到人家卖的CD上面都会写“提供免费MP3下载“。呵呵。不知道,我们在这里,免费享用这些东西,是幸福呢,还是悲哀。

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