A Letter to My Grandma: Memory Only

This is a letter that I am writing to my grandma, who has left us for absolutely one year. Due to the protection of my family members from too much depression, this letter would also written in English. Please remember that don’t put any Chinese Character for the comments to this article. Any Chinese Character would be deleted by me without any notification.

Dear grandma,

it has been one year since you have left from us! In the past years, I have achieved a lot due to my hard-working in the master’s program. As what you have told me that no gain should be anticipated unless you have devoted adequately. In that past few years, I have been awarded the first class of scholarship, and was invited for a conference presentation at a conference of my school of accounting, with four other professors. For a postgraduate student like me, it is undoubtedly of great honor. I do wish to share this good news with you, but can you feel about that?

My PhD Program is getting smoothly. I have obtained a conditional offer from Lancaster University, a school that is settled in United Kingdom. Though I have to fight again for IELTS to meet their condition, and the funding for this program is still unclear yet, it means something, at least, a partial convince on what I have learned and mastered through the past three years. Meanwhile, I have also accomplished the first run of the PhD admission exams from Sun Yatsen University in Guangzhou,and the result is unrevealed yet. I wish provide you further information in due courses.

I clearly understand your willing of our being excellent, for all us three, including Keke, Kuan and me. In fact, all us three are working very hard.

Wish you everything goes well in heavens!



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