Raining of Midnight: Random Thoughts

For quite a long period I did not write anything for this blog, until recently I posted an article as a general farewell to my past three years. Anyway, a particular review for myself is under consideration and is expected to be published in weeks, i don’t want to talk about that in this mid night, especially when accompanying with the thunder and raining outside.

  1. Writing in Midnight: A Picture of My Past Life

    It has, also, though not fully calculated, been quite long that I did not write anything in such mid night when I can fully enjoy the silence, a good environment for random thinking and free writing. For years, I am getting accustomed to the life of running programs and writing academic papers with such silence. However, at present at least, I won’t have to abuse myself in this way. To say something like abusing is quite ordinary, for anyone who are experienced in research, running some programs with statistical packages can never be a pleasant life!

  2. Greetings from Friends: Boring but Warming

    It is now hard to be reminded of, rather it is telling the truth that, you pay what you want to earn, and you lead a life that is consistent to your dream. I don’t know if this principle works for me. Under most understandings, being admitted to a school in UK with fully funded offer can be regarded as great honor.  However, can that really be the case? I smiled again and again these days, I tell this ‘good news’ again and again, and I explained what the funded offer like from minute to minute. In fact, doing a duplicating job is really too boring to bear! For many days, I even cannot help writing a post that explains all these questions, just like what I did some months ago for questions on empirical research.

    Anyway, I am quite delighted and somewhat pleasant with such king of duplication. Receiving numerous congratulations can also be explained as good personal connections. Without these good friends, i can hardly imagine how my life would be. They do offer me good mental support. I don’t know if it is my lucky or somewhat innocence, I do meet so many kind people from one school to another. It is too seldom that I would have to face the potential rules directly.

  3. Romance on Campus: Unsuccessful but Deserved

    Another reason that made me feel somewhat disappointed, besides the friends, is the romance. Though I never make that to the public, it is known to many friends. Enjoying the romance is really a necessary step of college life. I hate I experienced that too late, later than 3 years comparing to the average level of my age. Admittedly, such experience, no matter whether it is a good news or not, made me understood quite a lot of questions about human beings, which, in fact, can hardly be find from any book.

PS: The raining is getting even more heavily, well, it’s time for a sleep. Goodbye, my readers!

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