Password Reset: Who can tell me why?

It was quite mysterious that my site suddenly stopped working this afternoon. Followed by the previous experience that the incorrect configuration of plug-ins that damp the service of Word Press, I checked all the plug-ins initially but nothing wrong. Problems seems to be more serious since the website then indicated that errors occur when connecting to the database. I logged into the background but found no clue at all. Unlike the description from some site that the database was deleted by the that it remained, but the PhPMyAdmin failed to work. I was getting fully puzzled on what was happening.... Read More

Write a Blog Article with Microsoft Word

It has been for more than 3 years since my first contact with the blog, and the most frequent way for my updating is just the on-site editor. That is, I just write on web directly. But such way owes quite an important advantage that many advanced aligning skills cannot be used, such as some requirement on accurate positioning of pictures.... Read More

Stata 11 is Coming!

Stata官方说法,7月27日将发布Stata 11,而如今官网显示已经开始发送(shipping)。更新文档显示tag Stata 11还是值得期待的。不过可怜的是我们并买不到美国的学生版,而超过1000美金的售价恐怕非我们所能承受。这不能不说是我们的悲哀。好在会计学的期刊并不如理科杂志那样会要求提供所使用专业软件的授权资料。要不然,我们的成果恐怕只能自己欣赏了,呵呵... Read More

Windows 7, Some Word prior to a new era

由于最近的日全食诱发了我的牙疼,而我的牙疼直接诱发了我的懒觉(什么逻辑?我也不知道),结果由于睡眠过多,导致了头晕晕的,实在是干不了什么正事儿了,就上网看看CB,说实话,已经很久没有去了。以至于看到了Win 7的RTM于7月23日封装时,我这低速运转的大脑才反应过来咋回事儿。... Read More