Stata 11 is Coming!

Stata官方说法,7月27日将发布Stata 11,而如今官网显示已经开始发送(shipping)。更新文档显示tag Stata 11还是值得期待的。不过可怜的是我们并买不到美国的学生版,而超过1000美金的售价恐怕非我们所能承受。这不能不说是我们的悲哀。好在会计学的期刊并不如理科杂志那样会要求提供所使用专业软件的授权资料。要不然,我们的成果恐怕只能自己欣赏了,呵呵

We are pleased to announce the release of Stata 11, which begins shipping on July 27!

Stata 11 is full of exciting new features, including a complete suite of tools for multiple imputation, support for factor (categorical) variables, competing-risks survival regression, a flexible GMM estimation routine, state-space modeling, multivariate GARCH, and predictive margins. The GUI has also undergone an extensive update, bringing you a new Do-file Editor, Data Editor, and Variables Manager. You can also now include Greek letters, mathematical symbols, and multiple fonts in graphs.
Every copy of Stata now comes with complete PDF documentation — of course, printed documentation is still available as well.
We are wildly enthused about Stata 11, and you will be too. Visit to read all about the new features.
Karen Strope
Marketing Manager
StataCorp LP
4905 Lakeway Drive
College Station, TX  77845
979-696-4601 (Fax)


2 thoughts on “Stata 11 is Coming!”

  1. 学长好啊,我是常熟理工数学系的一员,学习统计学专业。看见学长在中南政法财经大学攻读硕士学位很是羡慕,有才啊,呵呵!郜老师这个学期也将来中南读博士了。

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