New Hope, New Semester

As an old saying in China goes that the time spreads, just like the flowing water, steadily and contineously. A month with leisure and relaxation has now approached its ending, what I am pacing into, waiting for, is just the new term, with the starting of literature reviewing, data processing and class taking.

I can hardly remember, how many times I have repeated for this, as a regulation for the identity of student since I was a lad of eight, when I got with no thinking about future and career, but only the book reciting and entaintaiment with guys around, what can be literally called ‘ golden childhood ‘. Now it is gone a lad left, but a young man comes.

I am quite fond of old songs, folk songs, which may bring you old memory and great feeling of nature, life accompanying with the thinking thoroughly and respectively. Muisc on my laptop seems to be mess up, from type to type, style to style, and from one singer to another, i don’t like regular life and process. A great pleasure may bring me if my life can be dropped into the mankov chain, with random process, either linear or nonlinear. But, I clearly know, it is mathematical, it is ideal, and, it is abstract.

Life, can not be mantained under regulations, it is a case study, but rather than an empirical study based on statistical population, conclusion from sampling means nothing sometimes to an abnormal point, as is known mostly, which is siginificent to a individual’s life as well. Simetimes I am also asking myself, why do I come to wuhan, why do I choose my present supervisor, no decent answer, or explanation in the other hand, can be carried out. It is destined, as my final conclusion.

I am also wondering sometimes, whether I am too ideal for me to think about my future, still remembering the times in Changshu, swimming in the world of math, where I was fighting for a chance to a bachelor’s degree; and in Nanking, transferring to accounting, where I was to think about the admission to postgraduation. But now, I am gettng puzzled, what to go for, and what and how, all are of mystery.

Life may sometimes just like this, i wonder, which is just destiny.

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