It is now the midnight, most of my classmate are falling asleep, but I am still awaken. A new depression brings to me, and I don’t know how many times this has occured since the start with this project. I failed the regression again, I really don’t know why I cannot find the fitable varible for that, my luck ? My knowledge, I suggest both.

I get a news that she worked this out, with the original data that I offered, at least part of. A pleasant result is brought out, with great statistical siginificence and perfect willxom test. I appreciate her greatly. It is time to think about my faults, which should not beonly attributed to luck.

No time to prepare for my English assignment, I don’t think it a good sign. I may get trapped in some muds of abnormal regulation, I don’t know if I can succesfully get that avoided.

Time may prove eveything. i wish, and I belive.

4 thoughts on “Depression”

  1. 背景音乐好高雅哦!!本来人家之间没有显著的关系,咱们非要给它们扯上显著的关系,的确是要费些脑子,有时候也需要一点点的运气在里面!!有时候,就会对声称“排斥价值判断”的实证研究产生了些许的怀疑。原来实证也需要大量的专业判断,也包含了大量的主观因素。原来做实证也要发挥“主观能动性”!

  2. 主人回复:呵呵,谢谢管师兄啊,你的这番言语真是超级经典啊!我佩服你犹如滔滔江水,绵绵不绝啊。。。e11

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