New Working Paper Available: Link From SSRN

An E-mail from SSRN shows  that my new working paper co-oporated with Prof. Wang Xiongyuan, my tutor, has been qualified as a new submission to the working paper archive, sharing it with the colleagues all over the world. Occasionally I saw my last submissiion last year, a sentence-to-sentence translation, which reminds me of my old days when I firstly learn to write a paper in English. Though the work is not a writen one, but only a translation. The one that I submitted this time is a fully written one.

The paper is also submitted to Prof. Li, as a submission of revised work to APJAE, but the result is unknown yet. I will update the progress here.

The working paper can be downloaded here, but please keep the rules from SSRN and basic academic ethics.

Click here to link to that paper

It maight be my last paper to be accomplished in ZNUFE, many factors promote this decision. I need more time to work for some other personal affairs that can decide my future. What’s more, I need more time to learn more, building up solid foundation before doing my next research.

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