A Great Move on My Blogs

I eventually finished the whole works to move my blogs into this new site. It is a great job, since I have to do plenty of works to reset all the links to the cited images in every post.

The main contents, and the most important ones, are from QQ Zone. Most of my posts that can reflect my life and thoughts are stored there, including the travelling to Hawaii. According to the suggestions from the internet, firstly I use Blogbus to transfer all the posts into a XML document, and then import that ino the WordPress. Here I use the filter that can directly read the XML document from the Blogbus without any converting needed.

But the most great problem is the links to the image. Traditionally, the external links from QQ Albums are not supported. That is, all the links will be broken once the posts are moved.  However, the Blogbus draws the encrypted links to the image as well when the posts are drawn, and most images are correctly displayed. While I  am still worried about the links, since when even a tiny adjustment was adapted by QQ Zone, all the links would be broken and dropped. But I do find no suffiient way to solve this but only download the images to my local computer and update that again.

The move from Blogger.com is much easier. It is quite an old blogger service provider (BSP) that I started to use in1995. But following the traditions here that the service was also soon GFWed when there are more and more Chinese users involved.  A direct WordPress XML document was firstly exported from WordPress.com where the blogs from Blogger.com can be directly imported. Then the document is imported into my site and some categories and tags are added manually. The only problem is that the service from WordPress.com is also GFWed and some special actions are adapted.

Till now, all the works are completed, and you have access to all my posts from this site directly since 2005. But do care that I deleted some very short posts since they are really too short to deliver adequate information to the readers. In fact, they are more fit to the Twitter though there was no such service at that time.

Thanks for the technical supports from my friend Bill Wung. It is his suggestion and help that brings me great convenience in this accomplishment.

9 thoughts on “A Great Move on My Blogs”

  1. Acoording or according?
    ino or in?
    Traditonlly or traditionally?

  2. 哈哈,昨天在后台写的,结果那个破编辑器反应奇慢,然后我又不知道怎么去用拼写检查。结果刚放到Writer上一看,我自己都差点晕过去,呵呵,要是这是作文考试,呵呵。。。

    1. Hah, in fact, I just immigrate all the posts together into this blog, that’s why you see so many posts here.

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