Staying at Home: A Review of My Summer Vacation

It is getting more difficult to remind myself of the old times when I was still a boy that was interested in wandering around the garden in my grandma‘s house and playing some tricks with my friends. In fact, I am getting more and more preferred of staying at home or the dorm, spending the whole day on writing, reading and PC games. The summer vacation this time follows this ‘tradition’ thoroughly that I spent quite little time of going outside.

The mere reason for this staying comes from the GRE failure. That is, I would have to spend more time that I firstly anticipated to prepare for that exam in October. Memorizing the words and phrases in a glossary for GRE is not an easy job since you have to revisit the words from time to time to avoid them from being forgotten. In fact I doubt myself sometimes why I made the choice on pursuing my PhD program overseas, which lead me to the dilemma at present. But once it is determined, okay, just go forward. The exam in October is to be my last chance in Wuhan. I do admire the atmosphere overseas since my visit to Hawaii last year.

The rearrangement on time for the GRE exams totally abandoned the plans that I made previously which involves reading classical literatures and visiting some parks. I even prepared an annual card for my travelling. While, what a pity, the card was used for only once when Jiang and his wife came in July. The books I ordered from the Amazon are also put aside. In fact, I was just willing to take some study on economics and accounting theory in this summer originally, aiming at preparing for the PhD entrance exams in China. However, the fact is quite apparent: they are all substituted and occupied by the GRE again.

I am scheduled to be back to Wuhan in September 7th, too many affairs are waiting for me. Perhaps, it is also the time for my change of the living style.

2 thoughts on “Staying at Home: A Review of My Summer Vacation”

  1. Hi.
    Well, i just hate exams. often we work hard for them, and when they are over, we easily forget what we’ve learned. but there’s no other way out.
    i also dislike memorizing words with a book.
    and do not be so serious about ur next gre test. even though u fail again, there’re still lots of chances ahead. God closes the door and will open a window for u. so, just take it easy. and maybe with such a state of mind, u r near to acing the gre.
    haha, i’m using the cell phone to read ur blog.

    1. Thanks. This exam can be neither a debut or a farewell performance of mine. I don’t like the exams, but I have to take it. It is destined…

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