Liquor: Can they mean everything?

Quite occasionally I earned a chance to talk to Yin, a staff working in Ernst & Young.  After the accomplishment of the talk on some professional issues, we turn to the capability for liquors.  In fact, in the past few years, quite a lot of my friends and colleagues have tried to persuade me to improve my capability for this, while, I did very little improvement in this.

I don’t know if it is the influence from my families that provokes my situation today. My daddy is quite a good drinker and he can drink quite much wine during some banquets, including the birthday ceremony for my relatives and wedding ceremony for my friends.  Perhaps I have seen too much occurrence on the unconsciousness from the persons who have drunk too much, including my daddy that I hate the drinking from my heart. Thus I keep the record of taking no wine since my birth, and it lasted to the graduation from Nanjing Normal University and my admission to the Zhongnan University of Economics and Law.

I don’t know if it is the tradition and convention in Hubei that breaks my recording of this. I started to take some wine following the suggestions from my friends. Though my capability for that today evens shows to be embarrassed and even a girl can beat me undoubtedly on a battlefield of drinking, I suppose no further improvement on my capability on this.  Perhaps it is my chillness on alcohol, a special attitude that renders my limitation on this. And such limitation definitely drove me to the rejection of the wines, even champagne during my last trip to Hawaii, but only the acceptance for juice, which, under most occasions, are prepared for girls.

But the limitation can definitely bring me quite a lot of trouble on my job seeking, as many friends suggests. Given China as an example of the Eastern Asia where people pay adequate attention the relationships among the individuals and banquet are taken as a main communication channel for both family and commerce, drinking is undoubtedly to be a good and sufficient way to get closer between persons, no matter whether you are a custom or a manufacturer. Mr. Li, a friend who is working in Eastern Airline of China,, showed me the importance of drinking if a willing to be a manager is considered. And Yin also provides the similar conclusion to me tonight. More importantly, she showed me the importance also applied to the girls, but not only the boys as I initially suggested.

However, the healthy problem and disease that are accompanied by excess drinking cannot be omitted. Too much input of alcohol can lead to problems on lungs and several surveys shows the significant relationship between the drinking and the lung cancer.  But why do so many people keep on drinking even if they are fully aware of this potential threat to their health? The reason can be simple: they want succeed. In a competent world nowadays, succeeding on career means too much, good income, better housing condition, and excellent medical care and so on.

While, can drink be the only sufficient way of communication? The answer is definitely negative. There are some other ways, including Golf, tennis, and others. And why not choose some other activities that can reduce the threat to our health? We are considering the success to our career, its okay, but at the same time, pay attention to your health.

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