Patriotism: Your Home and Your Country

It is hard to tell whether it is the years of political education in China seems to be too boring that the new generation of 80s and 90s are starting to show some antipathy to such terms, including socialism and patriotism, which used to be sacred terms for our parents. And meanwhile, we are caring more on the shadows of our living environment, and we can read more arguments and commentaries on legal unfairness, partially distributed wealth, asymmetric role on medical treatments between those in power and plebeians, etc. Frankly speaking, we are living in complaints.

However, the military review held this morning in Tiananmen Square seems to be a good opportunity to help the civilians to remind of the patriotism. To some person, the patriotism seems to be far from their lives. The military review, though criticized by some reviewers as bravado, does bring people courage and confidence on their livings. A main function for the military is to keep the security of the territories. Though unfortunately, very few people care about the soldiers only when the aggression comes and their lives and wealth are threatened. For those who are prone to pragmatism and regard the military review as insignificance to their daily lives, the floats can be attractive since they exhibit the generality of developments and progress in the past years on both economy and technology.

This reminds me of the home, a simpler organization comparing to the country, but of similar function and formations. More importantly, home owns a coherent relationship to the individual’s life, performing as a harbor for people to avoid the coming tsunami in their life. Like the departments of a country works for the policies on democracy and diplomats, people are making decision with the unit of a home, referring to the investment, daily cost, medical insurance and education for offspring. Under the framework of a traditional Chinese cultural background, as well as the home structure, all parents are making full efforts to promote their offspring, ranging from cloth, diet to education and even marriage.

Thus, even if we are holding the tolerance of ignoring patriotism, seldom of us can forgive the ignorance of families. It is the home, the parents that definitely contributes to our growth and development, and it is the home that brings us the anchor after a challenge to the wave and wind. Loving your home is the initial step to be patriot, and it is a must that can hardly be overlooked.

We are taking the pride of the country, but more broadly, we are taking the pride of our families, our home! They share our passion equally.

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