Plain but Colorful: A Summary of 2009

image No one can deny the process of time processing, for which, the individuals like us, can only obey this regulation. Time pass smoothly no matter whether you are successful or not, no matter whether you are taking adequate care on it, and no matter whether you are young or old, boy or girl. Following my traditions, I would like to take a summary of my past year at last day. Taking a scan on the summary of mine in 2008 and 2007, I find, my 2009 is quite plain,there is nothing impressive to note, and honor to share with, except for something unpleasant.

The GRE, both the preparation and the two attempts,forms up the the mainstream of my life this year. Admittedly, GRE is the most difficult exams for the students in China because of two reasons. The first reason is that you are required to memorize and understand over 20k words. My first failure in this step is that I failed to make an in-depth understanding of the words, but only try to memorize them.  But the problem is that without good understanding on the real meaning, you can hardly find the potential relationship between the words and hence you fail. Anyway, my writing skills is greatly improved during this preparing process. I can start to write my own formal English. Admittedly, without sufficient training on GRE training, I won’t finish my first English manuscript and the research proposal.

For academia, there is nothing important as well except for the training program in Shanghai, conducted by the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Due to the funding from my professor and the arrangements on my research, I didn’t go to any highly ranked academic conference, totally different from what I did in 2008. However, I have to say, not to flatter the faculties of CUHK, their lectures broaden my horizon on my research greatly. From their delivery, I learned the importance of fundamental papers, always those enlightening works that also own great amount of reference. Without sufficient understand on the previous literature, not only for my topic, but also the common backgrounds, I won’t be a qualified scholar and a qualified reader of the papers in top journals.

Though I get the scholarship, and the prize of honored paper from an internal conference, I am not satisfied. For the scholarship, I have experienced too much, much more than it deserved. Though the prize of the honored paper partially convinced myself of the potentials of research, that’s far from enough. I would not repeat all these trivialities. For those readers who are interested in further information, please refer to relevant posts.

The perspective of my 2010 is quite simple, just two English words-Go Smoothly!

At the end of my summary, I shall acknowledge the thanks to numerous people that have helped me in various realms. Some of these friends are Kuan Song, Prof. Wang Xiongyuan, Prof. Xu JIalin, Prof. Shirley J. Daniel, Zhang Peng, You Tingting, Guan Kaolei, Tang Jianxia, Zhuang Chunfang, Chen Wenna.  Fundamentally,I shall express my thanks heartedly to my mama, papa, and the gone grandma. I wish and would keep appreciating your kindness in the coming 2010.

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