Internet Constraints: Sounds Kidding but Real!

image It is quite amaze to hear that there are some country that are trying to constrain the usage of the internet from their citizens, with the reason of preventing them from the ‘bad things’. But it is really happening now, and increasingly famous software are obeying this governmental willing. The failure of some largest firms, like Wal Mart and Bol-China, both tell us the importance of running a business with political connections in China.

When checking the hotmail box, I got a strange mail from TwitOnMSN, a robot that I use for twitter. Since the forbidden on twitter, this has been the only way to use my twitter, though I doubt its protection on my accounting information. Do read the suggestions in this mail, you will find something strange.


As you may noticed, people who added TwitOnMSN to their contact list, occasionally fail to login Windows Live Messenger Chinese Version since 3rd of Dec.

If you are suffering a landing problem on WLM with a good network, you could try the following measures to resolve it:

* If you can, please reinstall your WLM in English version or other non-Chinese version. They should work just fine.

* If not, you need to login your account with other client, like meebo , and remove TwitOnMSN from your contact list. Then you might can login again in a couple of hours or a day.

We do not know the specific reason why this happens. We are terribly sorry for the problem and hope it would go away soon.

FYI. We are making a survey about TwitOnMSN. Please come in to help us to improve it:

Thank you so much for your time!

Best regards,

TwitOnMSN Team

For people with elementary knowledge on programming, it is clearly to see the language adapted on the user interface can hardly affect the usage of the program itself. Such difference can render only when there are differences on raw code. A reasonable interpretation in this way is that TwitOnMSN has been forbidden in a MSN Messenger of Simplified Chinese.

I don’t know how to comment on this event, but the fact is that many bloggers has changed their domain names to the international ones with registrars without China, like Godaddy and

I am sorry to write this in English, but I don’t want my blog be forbidden in China due to its content in Chinese that are officially unwelcomed!

6 thoughts on “Internet Constraints: Sounds Kidding but Real!”

  1. I’ve received this letter a month ago.
    TwitOnMSN still worked well until last week.
    It helps me update my tweets, but don’t give update notifications any more these days.

    1. Oh, I also received that some time a ago but it is missed till two days ago when I was checking the emails to that account.

    1. 可以,我和我朋友现在还是用的TwitOnMSN来推的。只是那个主页现在被和谐了。对了,你可能得用英文版MSN。这是官方说的。不过我朋友的中文版也Okay。

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