Happy Valentine’s Day: A Deferred Assignment

Preface: This is a promised ‘assignment’ for my girlfriend to celebrate our first formally celebrated Valentine’s Day. You would feel rather surprised on why it likes this, it is indeed the question of mine. I would apologize for my silly performance here since I really don’t know how to write a poem-like post in English. Thanks Wendy for this excellent suggestion though I would have to face great challenge for this:)

Have you seen the grass turned green?

It is the announcement of nature.

We are expecting the coming of spring,

And the romance we owes

Still Remember the South Lake and Long River?

It is the memory of our romance.

We were enjoying the happy times here,

And feeding our true love.

Still remember the Bus 590 and 538?

It is the route to our spring.

We were enjoying the time that shared together;

No matter how tired the trips would be!

We are still walking on this road towards spring,

Even though it is 8000 miles.

We are telling the love and missing,

When sun meets the moon.

We are no longer boy and girls,

We are not that ideal,

What we care,

Is the day when,

We are like peas and carrots,

Leading a harmonious life.

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